I struggle with the fact that I’m simultaneously a very spiritual person, a very sexual person, and a very hungry person. I’m never sure whether I should read Noonday Prayer, get hot and heavy with my husband in the shower, or eat a greasy cheesesteak from downtown.

discerningthecall said: “All three, in any order you like.” Yeah! ¡¿Por que no los tres?! Also, I guess I’m not as bad as Solomon with his 700 wives and 300 concubines.

Haha, not to mention his favorite foods and spiritual disciplines! ;)


Much as Jews constitute community through our interpretive storytelling about Torah, fans constitute community through our interpretive storytelling about pop-culture and literary source texts. Fanworks in all media can offer interpretive readings of source texts, though I’m focusing here on fan fiction because, like midrash, it’s a written form.

Fan stories, like midrash, fill in lacunae in our source texts: for example, Doctor Who stories that ask, what other adventures might the Eleventh Doctor have had with River Song when they were courting? Fan stories, like midrash, articulate motivations and emotions that aren’t explicit in the text: for example, LOST stories that explore what Ben Linus might have been thinking and feeling when he turned the underground donkey wheel to move the island.

Fan stories, like midrash, articulate motivations and emotions that aren’t explicit in the text…

Fan stories, like midrash, resolve contradictions in the text.

Fan stories, like midrash, give voice to characters who aren’t front and center in narratives as we’ve received them.

And fan stories, like midrash, make meta-points about their source texts and about our community’s readings of those texts: for example, though Hawaii 5-0’s televised narrative privileges its white male characters, fan stories that explicitly focus on Chin Ho Kelly and Kono Kalakaua implicitly critique that focus both on the part of the show’s creators and on the part of its fandom.

- Fanfiction and Midrash: Making Meaning, Rachel Barenblat x

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Liturgical Grindr


Like, we need a Liturgical Grindr, to hook up for fine liturgy and such. The Profile might ask for such information as you preferences on:

Rite I, Rite II, Vers

Ad Orientum, Ad Populum, Ad Whateverum

Church?, Low Church, Broad Church, High Church, Anglo-Catholic,…


I fully support this app, and recommend it be called Vergr.




So what exactly was the plot in Listen?





Right? I’ve seen a number of reviews calling it the best in years, but it was really a waste… I MUCH preferred 12’s intro episode.

This was actually not my point.  My point was that there isn’t actually a plot - and what there was was left deliberately ambiguous - and that’s awesome.  The whole point of the episode is that there wasn’t actually a plot.

I don’t think I’d say it was the Best In Years, but I also don’t think it was a waste.  I have noticed that it has been extremely divisive.  On the balance I liked it, and liked that it was something pretty different.  But eh, tastes vary.

And yeah, Deep Breath was great.

Huh, I hadn’t thought about it like that. I saw the reviews before I saw the episode, so they definitely colored my perception. I’ll have to watch it again with this in mind!


Tumblr does Prayer?


Ok, guys, let’s do this thing! I know it was a thing, but my mic was the spawn of Satan, so I didn’t participate much. Is it still happening? If not, is there still interest? I would love to have evening prayer if people wanted to meet on Google+ Hangouts, and I have a new mic, so just hit me up! 

Lots of blogs tagged below the read more, but everyone is welcome. The following are blogs that I remember being interested back in April!

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Ok, so a lot of people are interested! I’d be happy to host/officiate next weekend, but I am unavailable tomorrow or Sunday night this week. So, how’s this: Google+ Hangouts, discerning.the.call@gmail.com, 8PM Eastern on September 28th. If you’re in, email me or message me here, and I’ll set it up. Sound good?