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Watch: Emma Stone calls out Andrew Garfield’s sexism at ‘Spider-Man’ Q&A

During a Q&A portion, a little boy asked Garfied where Spider-Man got his costume.

"He made it," Garfield replied. "He made it with his bare hands. He sewed it, he took some sewing classes and some needlework. It’s kind of a feminine thing to do, he made a very masculine costume out of a very feminine [task]."

The message here, though subtle, is troubling: “Don’t worry, kids. Spidey did a girly thing, but it was just to make a costume. He can still be a macho superhero!” 

This gender-stereotyping did not escape Stone, however, who quickly pressed Garfield to explain: “It’s feminine how?”

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You go, Emma Stone!

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Episcopal friends, how do y’all sing the Gloria in excelsis deo?

We didn’t sing it at all during Lent. Usually, my church rotates through a number of arrangements from the 1982 Hymnal. My favorite is S-236, which is technically a canticle, but we use it in place of the Gloria at times.

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We should make Easter a forty-day celebration. If Lent is that long, Easter should be at least that long, all the way to Ascension. We should meet regularly for Easter parties. We should drink champagne at breakfast. We should renew baptismal vows with splashing water all over the place. And we should sing and dance and blow trumpets and put out banners in the streets. And we should invite the homeless people to parties and we should go around town doing random acts of generosity and celebration. We should be doing things which would make our sober and serious neighbors say, ‘What is the meaning of this outrageous party?’
N.T. Wright (via gospelofthekingdom)

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Anonymous asked: Just what the hell about Episcopal mass do you think is better than Catholic mass?



The words "wherever you are in your journey of faith, all are welcome at our table".  

This is the altar, not of the Church but of the Lord It is made ready for those who love Him, and who want to love him more. So, Come, you who have much faith, and you who have little, you who have been here often; you who have not been for a long time, you who have tried to follow and you who have failed. Come, not because it is we who invite you: it is our Lord. It is His will that those who want Him should meet him here

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Seeing altarandhour's posts about the MBTI, I decided to test myself again. During Orientation week for this year in the ESC, we all took the test, and my score was largely unchanged from high school: ENFJ, possibly INFJ. Tonight, my score had changed by two letters, and according to one site, I am an ESFP. I don't quite know what to make of such a drastic change. The site I used only had 48 questions, so perhaps I'll use a more comprehensive test before I draw any definitive conclusions about myself…

On an entirely unrelated note, I attended my first Easter Vigil tonight, and it was beautiful! I really enjoyed my first exposure to the Paschal sermon of St. John Chrysostom, and while I don’t understand the theological basis for having incense, I certainly like it!

Tomorrow morning, I’ll help lead an ecumenical service at the local cemetery, in their columbarium and chapel, which overlooks the river. I’m very excited about the symbolism of proclaiming the risen Christ in the presence of so many dry bones.

Alleluia, and good night!

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Tonight, following the foot washing and communion, the entire congregation processed out of the church and into the adjoining chapel, which was light by three candles, where we placed the reserved sacrament to be used tomorrow evening. We chanted “Stay with me, remain here with me, watch and pray, watch and pray” until the chapel was filled with the voices of the congregation, and my priest drew aside a veil in the “garden of repose” around the altar, placed the reserved sacrament inside, and blew out all but one candle.

I watched as she drew aside the veil, placing the torn body of Christ inside the niche. It was the same bread I had just eaten, the same wine we had just shared, and yet, the imagery was totally different for me. Here, amid the lilies and scattered with flickering candle light lay my Lord, Jesus Christ, who died at the hands of those who hated him.

Tonight, I wept to see my Lord laid low. And for the first time, the tears were not tinged with guilt, were not a sign to me of my own weakness. Tonight, my tears were sorrowful, but not weak. “Tears pave the pathway to God,” my spiritual director says. And tonight, I saw God through my tears.

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Episcopal Problems…


Damn, is it Maundy Thursday already? 

I really need to get a pedicure before this evening.

Should probably shave my legs too.

Thank you!! I had been angst about my feet, but I had totally forgotten that a pedi is something people do…

Currently feeling MUCH less angsty as my feet soak during my lunch break…

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